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Diamond wheels

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

It is the more important one and the most sophisticated tool.


A diamond wheel has 3 main parts:

-The fasten system on the spindle or a cone

-The wheel body

-The diamond wheel active part




On this diamond wheel drawing you can see the 3 parts:

-White : the hole allowing to fasten the wheel on the glass processing machine

-Grey : the wheel body

-Black : the diamond active part


There are 2 mains diamond wheels type:

-The peripheral wheels ( like on the drawing ). The shape of the diamond wheel gives the shape for the edge on the glass.

These wheels are used to edge, to engrave…

-The cup wheels

These diamond wheels are flat.

They are used to edge ( but for only one shape, flat edge with arises), to bevel..


Cup wheel used to bevel 


Differences between peripheral wheels and cup wheels in glass and stone processing
The peripheral wheels

The main advantage for this wheels is that you can obtain all kind of profiles, because the wheel throat shape define the edge shape during processing

Pencil edge diamond wheel.

For exemple on the drawing it is easy to understand the shape you can obtain on glass or stone ( pencil edge)using this wheel.




45° diamond wheel


The same for this other tool.


The second advantage is the speed.

With peripheral wheels you can process on glass or stone on average 20%faster than with cup wheels.


The disadvantages:

Firstly the cost, because you have to buy a set of wheels for every edge shape and for every glass or stone thickness. 

For exemple to process on granite 3 cm you need minimum ( diamond and polishing) six different wheels.
Secondly a productivity losing. The time need to install the set of wheels on the machines and to adjust i.

The dressing : the wearing is not the same on all the active part of the wheels. So after a certain time the wheel lose its original shape and you have to dress or very often to send to the supplier to dress  the wheel. So you have a cost and you must also to have an other set of wheels to be able to work when the wheels are sent to the supplier for this operation.

The quality: The quality is good but not perfect because you can see lines on the edge

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