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Siapi, from selling to manufacturing

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The company started in 1929 selling tools for automotive industry. In 1971, the Italian company from Milan entered on manufacturing markets for metal, glass and later stone and started to produce polishing wheels.

The company is ISO 9001 from 1997 and has alos the OSA certification:


Tools range:

For glass:

-Resin peripheral polishing wheels

-Rubber and polyurethane cup wheels

-Rubber and resin seaming wheels

-Resin ingraving wheels


For stone
-Polishing wheels for marble, granite and ceramic

-Wheels for porcelain


Italomole, the reference for peripheral polishing

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Located in Milan south, the Italian company, polishing wheels manufacturer for flat glass industry has fastly growed surfing on the CNC machines wave.

Leader for peripheral polishing with its famous wheels BD and BStar, the company has always developed its wheels range entering on straight-line edging machines market, on incision market, on bright polishing market and recently on diamond wheels and tools market with its branche Vitralux.

Now the company offers a comprehensive tools rang:

-Wheels for incision

-Peripheral wheels

-Wheels for threads

-Cup wheels

-Outline wheels


-Polishing wheels

-Diamond wheels with Vitralux

BSA (Bando) diamond tools suppliers for very hight speed processing

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The Machine manufacturer from Japan has a branche BSA manufacturing diamond tools for very hight speed processing.

 High quality diamond tools are of current demand for high speed and high efficiency glass processing under very tight accuracy.
As a glass processing machine manufacturer, Bando proposes high quality diamond tools which fullfill all the requiremnent and customer’s demand. The products manufactured with high manufacturing technology realize improvement on your process efficiency.

The company BSA is ISO 9001

Mole Moreschi

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011



The Italian Bologna-based tools producer for flat glass industry has started 30 years ago to manufacture grinding wheels and diamond tools for glass processing companies

Thank to its close cooperation with De Beers group Mole Moreschi offers a wide range of standart and specilized tools and wheels.

Concerning the polishing wheels they are really manufactured in Italy allowing fast delivery and hight quality level. They can be supplied with a metalic plate where teh wheel is glued or enterely in rubber.

During the last Glasstec exhibition, in Dusseldorf the company has introduced a new wheels range for cutting, covering the entire range of inquiries, from float glass to laminated glass, with continuous crown as weel than segmented crown, silenced or not.



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Diamut, diamond tolls for flat glass processing

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Diamut, the Italian company from Intermac (Biesse) group, offers a comprehensive diamond tools range for CNC machines and double edger machines from Intermac group (Intermac, Busetti) but also for the other machines suppliers (Bavelloni, Glaston, Denver, Bimatech, Schiatti, Lattuada, Bovone, Vitrododi, Zafferani…).

The company is more known on the periferal diamond wheels market where she offers wheels for each type of edge with continuous, semi-segmented or segmented  crowns, specifics bonds and oscillating periferal wheels for the position 1 for double edgers equiped with this option.

Bovone Diamond Tools, flat glass processing diamond and polishing tools

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The company from Ovada (Genoa) was created 6 years ago by Bovone group, the wolrd leader for glass straight-line bevelling machines. Bovone diamond tools (BDT) manufacture a large diamond tools range for all the glass processing machines of the market and for the main machines producers ( Lattuada, Schiatti, Bavelloni, Intermac, Denver, Bottero, Bimatech, Vitrododi, Besana, Delta…):


The company proposes:

-Diamond metal bond and resin bond wheels for flat glass processing

-Polishing wheels flat glass processing

-Felts wheels flat glass processing

-Cerium oxide flat glass processing

-Diamond drills flat glass processing


Belfort Glass

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Belfort glass has started in 1971 producing pomps for mono or bi-components for double glazing processing.

In 1979 the company entered on the diamond tools market producing diamond and resin wheels for straight-line edging and bevelling machines.

Due to a strong agreement with Bovone ( the company is actually managed by Mauro Bovone) Belfort glass supplying all the wheels for this very important machines producer the company was growing fastly.

In 2005 Bovone cut the agreement with Belfort Glass, starting to produce wheels with its own branche, Bovone Diamond tools and caused some difficulties to Belfort Glass which lost an important share of its turnover and the more imortant part of its international sale network.


Belfort Glass products range

-Diamond, resin, polishing wheels and felts

-Coolant, cerium oxide. Thiokol, Silicon and butyl extruders

-All material for insulating glass production

-Ancillary machines for insulating glass

RBM, polishing wheels for glass processing

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The R.B.M. Italian company  (Reynaud Baldichieri Mole) ITALIA started in 1963. In the beginning Romano Reynaud worked in a glazing factory and during his week end was designing, producing and testing polishing wheels for flat glass processing


Early sixties R.B.M. began to supply the first straight-line edging machines manufacturers such as ADA and COVESA. These machines sold all over the world allow RBM to start to create its international sales network.


The first polishing wheels to be designed and proposed to the flat glass market  are 9R and 10S, that are always a big part of the wheels sold by RBM. The 10S bond is very interesting because ut accept a large pressure range for polishing.


In the beginning of the eighties, the inquiry for polishing quality and bright polishing from flat glass market gave to RBM the opportunity to design Cerium wheels or “white wheels with the very famous reference X081.

At this period started also the collaboration with the futurmarket leader for straignt-line edging machine, Bavelloni

  Early in the nineties, R.B.M start to manufacture “stone wheels” for the arris processing.